Award and Scholarship Opportunities

Student Achievement Funding Awards

RCASH's Student Achievement Funding Awards provide assistance to students pursuing opportunities for recognition and/or dissemination of their scholarly and creative work. This funding is to support work that has already been completed.

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Out-of-State Fee Waivers

RCASH's Out-of-State Fee Waivers provide assistance to students who are pursuing a major in one of the college departments. The waiver is intended to support students who do not qualify for a university out-of-state fee waiver or a Midwest Student Exchange fee waiver.

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MSU Foundation Scholarships

Donor funded scholarships are privately donated funds that are given to Missouri State students each year. The funds come from private gifts to the University made by individuals, groups or companies. They are awarded to students based on a wide range of criteria: major, high school attended, outstanding academic achievement, leadership and/or financial need.